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Spring Bouquet Hand Painted Silk Chiffon Scarf


Hand painted sheer silk chiffon scarf. Finished with a sewn frayed edge. Hand wash hang dry. Loves to be steamed or ironed if needed. Approx. 38” x 39”

In this work I explore the process of traditional batik resist to create a collection of one of a kind textiles. Each shape is painted on one at a time in an improvisational pattern. I begin with white silk and design by saving the white silk first. I use brushes to paint hot wax on to the silk surface. The wax penetrates the fabric and saves the color by creating a barrier between the silk and dye. I then paint over the waxed design and exposed silk with translucent fiber reactive dye. Once that new color layer is dry, I proceed to save that color using this resist method. I continue to cover the piece with wax building layers of color and pattern until the darkest layer is achieved. The wax is then removed and the piece is returned to its original state.

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