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Silk Gauze Skinny Ruffle Scarf in Lilac


Hand dyed lilac silk gauze. Hand felted merino wool in a combination of deep lilac, light lilac and a touch of bright olive green. This scarf has a feminine touch with a ruffled edge that can be worn up toward the face or flipped down onto the shoulders and chest. The weight , structure and versatility of this scarf make it a must for any wardrobe, even if you  think "ruffles are not your thing". It can  be used to dress up a casual suit or wrapped traditionally around the neck to fill in a coat opening. Worn open and long, this piece creates the illusion of a "faux" vest. Classic and subtle!

This piece measures approx. 8" wide and 72" long

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Gauze Skinny Ruffle in Lilac.jpg
Gauze Skinng Ruffle in Lilac Folded.jpg
Gauze Skinny Ruffle in Lilac Detail.jpg